Scotland in Reverse - this week's podcast


Sometimes it feels like Scotland gets into reverse gear. The recent decision by Muirfield Golf Club not to admit women seems retrograde. Especially after the evident change in public perception about, for example, the Scottish Government Cabinet gender balance. Lesley picks this topic up and develops a theme about gender imbalance across the new media, the BBC, and the ways it can be addressed.

We also touch on local campaigns, #handsoffgeorge , the Fife Ecology Centre among others. Lesley also highlights the case of the Cupar postie. Note to our listener, it is recorded outside and there is ambient noise.

Eurovision and the Named Person policy - this week's podcast


This week we try and make sense of Eurovision and also the 'Named Person' policy of the Scottish Government. Eurovision is a lot of fun and illustrates an intriguing ongoing appeal of the quirky; from music to voting.

The policy of 'Named Person' has flared up again following the reaction to last week's BBC Question Time from Aberdeen. It is a complex topic and requires a lot of knowledge to unpick its complexity. Or does it? Lesley has spent a couple of days writing about it and explains some of her thoughts.

Huw and the predominant party system - this week's podcast


In this week's podcast Lesley talks about her encounter with Huw Edwards on the TV. She also recounts the Electoral Reform Society meeting and its aftermath. She also mentions Affa Sair, and a forthcoming ball in Fife. Oh, and she name checks Obama too.

The Italian academic referred to is Giovanni Sartori. But you probably already knew that.

We are back - this week's podcast


After a bit of a break , all explained this week, we are back in the pod. Trying to catch up on all the events of the month we were away. This involved some notable passings, and some great Celtic Connections gigs. We also wander into current affairs and the 1p tax rise proposal. It is a long and emotional podcast. Next week, we  will be talking more land reform and Europe.

The End of Term Podcast

As we come up to the Scottish Parliament's summer recess, a lot has happened in the last week or so. Two important members of their respective communities have died; Lesley talks about both Allan Macrae and Tommy Riley.

The Big Noise is going to Govanhill and Alex Salmond isn’t going to Muirfield. It’s been one year of ‘Better Together’ and Lesley has a new catchy slogan for both campaigns.

Finally, we have both seen some amazing homes as a part of the Saltire Society Housing Design Award road trip.


Question Time, 'Outed' and Eigg

It seems everyone spotted @lesleyriddoch on last week’s ‘Question Time’. It was a lively programme for a number of reasons as Lesley will explain. There was a fair amount of ‘background’ to the line up. There were also a number of audiences.

And, it’s finally happened. Or did it. Lesley came off the fence. Should we expect to see her joining the ‘Yes’ Campaign any time soon? It would appear not, if you listened carefully to what she said and wrote.

Equally, a 40 minute journey to Eigg turns into an adventure and an opportunity for new discoveries. Late for a ferry but in time for a rib and a birthday – the current status of Eigg is an encouraging one.