Derry Kirkcaldy and Snowden

Derry/Londonderry is the UK’s City of Culture this year, Lesley paid a visit and wrote about the change which the city is enjoying. The Kirkcaldy Galleries have hosted a series of events as they re-open after renovation; we talk about what happens when celebrity Fifers  meet in the guise of Ian Rankin and Jack Vettriano. And finally, in this week’s @lesleyriddoch podcast, the US and UK have been snooping and Edward Snowden wants you to know all about it. The pod team remain divided.

The 'Yes'

Lesley went along to the 'Yes Scotland' launch and reports back in this week's podcast. There were a number of missing elements and, as you would expect, Lesley puts her finger on a couple.

It is difficult not to appear and sound 'nippy' in this podcast. However, this event and 'Yes Scotland' launch was trailed as 'the best event in 300 years' on Twitter. I had expected dry ice, at least.

9/11 and it's personal

This is a professional blog and you, rightly, would not expect to see a lot of personal private material here. But, personal and professional sometimes get mixed up. The events of 9/11 are one such case. I have been asked why I don't do more about 9/11? It seems to have been missing from more recent podcasts. I have recorded a short piece that tries to explain what this recent 10th anniversary means to me. My thoughts and prayers are with all who have been touched by these events. This is just my experience.

Thoughts about September 2001

Communities on the move


I have been spending a bit of time working away with local communities. I am just about to film the story of apple pressing with Polly, a local mine of information about pressing fruit, juicing and making cider. However, I have been really fortunate to meet a lot of enthusiastic people doing fantastic things in their communities. The picture here is from the Innertube Map project. It is about cycling, cycle paths and a lot more. I got introduced to the project by Mrs Smith a while back. But at a recent Edinbuzz meetup, I met Tom Allan who was keen to lighten my darkness. I meet a number of other people who sparked off an idea. So, here's the deal; I am going to try and interview some of the more interesting characters I meet in the course of work, leisure and just being generally about. I will then post them as podcasts here on this site. I have a few in watch this space.

We are back in business...

This week's podcast was recorded after a busy week of Lesley is up for a quiet guide to the runners and riders at this early stage of the campaign. Equally, Judy Murray, mum of Andy, has been fairly vocal about organised sport and schools... so we cover that as well. Enjoy !