Twitter and social media in general

Good golly Miss Molly, you have all taken your time to get here. Twitter has finally arrived mainstream and all the attendant nonsense is starting to appear. The words 'craze' and 'passing fad' are absent just now but for how long ? I have been on Twitter for a wee while. Cycling through Finland last summer, it was great to keep in touch with the local weather. However, now it seems to be turning into part stalker, part compulsion and part 'the next big thing'. Everyone I know seems to want to follow Stephen Fry. He's a nice guy but I am not just that nosey. And maybe I'm not that online. Anyhow, I am clearing a space in the garage for my Twitter accounts; the CB radio, the Rubic Cube and the hula hoops will have to make way.

Community groups and practical action

OrchardLike a lot of people, we have a garden. We have fruit trees and every year the Buddha gets clobbered by the falling apples. I would like to know a lot more about looking after the trees, pruning and what I can do with the avalanche of apples and plums we can reasonably expect annually. Having spoken to Ellen at Wecan ; she helpfully pointed me at a local group; the Newburgh Orchard Group. So I went along to meet the Chair Caroline Guthrie to find out more. Naturally, I took the trusty recorder along for you to hear the conversation.

Download and listen to Caroline Guthrie.

An interesting community project


It is great to find a community project that is a bit different. I was recently introduced to someone who was leading a local project which sounded like being right on the money, as it were. And being the audio nut I am - I recorded a short interview. I learnt a lot. Listen to the interview and check out the web site for more details.

Download the Ellen McCance Interview.


Glasgow School of Sport

ScoolThere is nothing like meeting enthusiastic, young people and Glasgow School of Sport is full  of' them. But over the last couple of weeks,  6 students from  Malawi and 2 teachers came over to  train and  generally 'chill out' in Glasgow. The Evening Times  photograph  is proof. I did some interviews with some students and also got some time with Angela is my chat with three young women from Malawi.


Download malawi_students.mp3 or click below to play directly.

Oh it's a ...I get it.

GnomeThis is Jenny pictured with a marketing campaign. The marketing campaign is in the form of a gnome with a silver mask and on the base of the ceramic is an inscription website for a product. The basic concept is for customers to steal the gnome and take it home or sell it on eBay. Thereafter, other people will obtain the gnome from you and so the chain goes on. More awareness from this off the wall viral campaign. I assume. These new viral campaigns are certainly slick and sophisticated. There are lots of really good ones out there pushing new boundaries in selling in a playful way. Except for this gnome. I can't remember the product behind it at all. And I think that's important.

43 Folders

I am currently writing a proposal document, editing some audio, re-organising a blog and about to launch a new podcast series. Oh, and struggling to learn two new software packages and interviewing for a voluntary organisation. Like the rest of you, I am also trying to keep the life-work ( in that order ) balance. And Merlin Mann is helping me. His entertaining podcasts, lifehacks and productivity tips have been invaluable. For any non-American, he can come across as a tech space cadet but hang on in there; there's some gold in them hills. The title of his web site is actually a clever koan in itself.