Delighted to share

Really delighted to share this short video I made about civil engineering projects around Scotland. Sponsored by the Saltire Society and the Institution of Civil Engineers Scotland; I filmed the various stakeholders of the short listed projects. They are all amazing and I was blown away by the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Enjoy.

Long form catching up.

Between feeding Twitter for @nordichorizons, recording the weekly Lesley Riddoch podcast and scheduling a variety of filmed artefacts; there seems to be little time to come and update this blog. But here goes.

Nordic Horizons is a think tank which brings Nordic subject matter experts  to Scotland to meet and interact with a variety of academics, civil servants, politicians and those interested members of the general public. Its' meetings are held either in Edinburgh University or the Scottish Parliament. My role is to live tweet the events as they happen, curate the presentations, edit an audio recording of the events and post both on line. I also filmed, edit and post an interview with the keynote speaker(s). The website , , acts as a repository for the keynote slide sets,  a Soundcloud channel for the audio and Vimeo channel for the video interviews. I do curate these artefacts. Having seen some archives where material is 'copied and pasted' with no editing; I still believe conscious choices have to be taken when you are attempting to put serious content in front of communities of interest.

On the podcasting front, the Lesley Riddoch pod has a healthy audience, a growing Facebook group and some lively interactions. I have been standing in a cinema queue and someone has leaned over and said "I love the podcast." At many of the public events over the Referendum Campaign, people have come up and been very appreciative. It's true, the radio seems to allow ideas to flourish and develop.

Finally, in this segment, a lot of the multimedia work I have been doing has been around 'blending'. In the case of the travel series; "The Rap Series", the photos and audio work together well and are timeless. Equally, working with Fintry Development Trust, together we created media packs for a variety of topics for 'knowledge exchange' purposes; ten topic areas in total. These media packs allowed different communities to share Fintry's experience by watching short narrated Powerpoint slideshows which explained, for example, how to run an insulation workshop or set up a car club. The trick is working with smart people who can explain complex things in a simple way.

Board Women and £500

This week Lesley wrote about the Scottish Government’s “backing a quota to enforce 40 per cent representation of women on all public and company boards – after a Yes vote.”  She also talks through the background to this article which includes the exchanges on twitter of Nicola Sturgeon, Shona Robison, Kezia Dugdale and Jenny Marra as they worked through the policy or not on a wet Sunday afternoon.

And could you get the Scots to change their mind for £500 ? Apparently so, if you believe the latest polls.

In the week where humour raises its head in the referendum debate; we worry about the panto stars, Jim Murphy and cybernats.

And Lesley has been swimming. Rant alert. Was it Michael Jamieson, the Olympic Silver Medallist, who was her source of annoyance or inspiration in the crowded lanes? You will need to listen to find out.

The future of 'Podcasting'

Over the last few months, I have become the 'River man '. Between rowing with the Newburgh Rowing Club and the self build skiff, I have started to collect stories and other people's experiences about the Tay. In the next wee while, I will be developing a programme of oral histories with our local primary school. This will include collecting photos and voices. There are a couple elements which the youngsters want to try; QR Codes and geo-caching. Sounds like it could be fun. In the meanwhile, here's a local historian doing what he does best; explaining.

What can numbers ever mean?

I have been sat down number crunching. The web traffic to the Lesley Riddoch, Nordic Horizons and podcasts is always interesting to analyse. The simplest conclusion is good content finds its audience. For example, Nordic Horizon meetings' material have the biggest audience, just after the real meeting and then 6 weeks later. There are two peaks like the span towers of a bridge.

Equally, some themes resonate very strongly in our particular online posse; cycling is one. There is a very definite cycling community of interest out there. They share a lot. In comparison to the 'apostrophe people', who send private good natured emails to correct me as an errant blogger. And then, there are our American cousins, who listen a lot and are unfailingly pleasant when they get in touch.

In fact, if we were only in this for the numbers; I would be producing a weekly podcast called "Barack Obama's on a Bike". Something for everyone.

Rod's breakthrough solo album

Every picture tells a story
Travel journal

Just back from holiday and thinking about how different things are when we are away from 'work'. I noticed I am doodling a lot more. Instead of writing a diary, I tend to draw wee cartoons, as depicted. I admit they aren't great but do seem to capture something of the day's highlights, for me.

First day back and I review a client's presentation. There are an awful lot of words to describe a simple thing. In the back of my mind in the Zante heat, I recall a track from Rod's album with 'Maggie May' on it.

The title is a lesson to us all; "Every Picture Tells A Story."