The referendum will not be colour co-ordinated

I love these badges. My wife got them after a chance encounter with Ian Black of ‘Tartan Army’ fame.  They are cheerful, vernacular and authentic.

Imagine my surprise when I got my first negative comment whilst wearing one of them; “How No?”.

“It’s not an official badge. It’s not clear what the message is. Are you voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”, said the man with the official lapel badge.

I smiled . “Fair enough.” And walked away from the inevitable discussion.

It seemed churlish to point out I had given away 3 “How No?’ badges at the very swally we were at.

Got a feeling that the mavericks and wild eyed dreamers will not be consulting the style guide as they design their badges, work their words or scribble their art on web or woad. I may be wrong but this referendum thing seems to have ignited some community energy and , to quote the Good Book out of context,

“your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

Love it.

Twitter and augmented reality

I am just starting to get it. As the floods of information come pouring over the digital ramparts, we need tools to prioritise, discriminate and just plain manage the deluge. Remember, back in the day, the proud boast was "300 emails today ", sigh. There was a dream of the 'zero inbox'. Well, today with Twitter is different. If you succumb,even for a second, to the thought Twitter is some hybrid form of email; you are lost , destined to drown. Enough of the warning baloney. 

Tools are arriving in short order to assist...Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and so on. But there is one I really like; Thirst. It is a great App and go check it out. It's like Flipboard for Twitter. Thirst is a start.

I suspect the future is going to be more augmented reality. The Muppets and plasters are a good example - view the video and note a couple of things. The users get it ( without RTFM ) and enjoy the two "realities" ( reality and virtual 3D ). My guess is when they are old enough to enjoy the pleasures of Twitter, their portal into that world is not just a keyboard and mouse.

The Mojo, Minimum Pricing and Scotland Tonight Podcast

This weeks's podcast was a roll and tumble around the hiatus which seems to developed, now we are past the first independence consultation and the local council elections.  Prompted by an excellent blog from 'burdzeyeview' , we plunged into mojo speculation and reflected on the arrival of minimum pricing of alcohol. It was a bright idea which started 5 years ago. Lesley also reflects on some of the time she has spent recently on sofas in television studios...notably Scotland Tonight. She also poses an interesting question. 'Why does television think no one in Inverness has an opinion about the referendum?'. This week , all this and more, in the Lesley Riddoch Podcast.

Seeing things and not understanding

AmazingimageThis simple grainy black and white image is  amazing. It's the Phoenix Lander on its' descent to Mars. You can click on the image to enlarge it. What you are seeing is the photo taken by the HiRISE camera in the Mars Reconnaissance of the Lander and parachute on its' way down. Robot shooting robot. The achievement is remarkable and the simple photograph belies the complexity of effort. Fantastic.