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The Commonwealth Games Podcast

Thanks to @billysangster

In this week’s @lesleyriddoch Podcast, we turn the Commonwealth Games upside down and give them a good shake. Lesley devoted her Scotsman column this week to the very topic. Men’s emotions, fab crowds, rugby support, the strength of TV pictures, the ‘new’ Glasgow kiss, amongst other things, get a good airing. We also talk cycling and badges.

We also touched briefly on the topic of Gaza and here is the link to the Jon Snow video. Please be aware his report is graphic and some viewers may find it distressing.

And, because we get asked on Twitter at least once a week about getting hold of the podcast; please check out the ways of accessing the podcast; there is a ‘Lesley Riddoch Podcast’ page over at Facebook . You can get the Lesley Riddoch Podcast on a free subscription on iTunes here.  You can download it here. And, if Android is your platform of choice, we hear good things about ‘Pocketcasts’  - here is a direct link to the Feisty Podcasts and there are some other  resources here as well.   Please enjoy this podcast responsibly; use sun screen appropriately !


The referendum will not be colour co-ordinated

I love these badges. My wife got them after a chance encounter with Ian Black of ‘Tartan Army’ fame.  They are cheerful, vernacular and authentic.

Imagine my surprise when I got my first negative comment whilst wearing one of them; “How No?”.

“It’s not an official badge. It’s not clear what the message is. Are you voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”, said the man with the official lapel badge.

I smiled . “Fair enough.” And walked away from the inevitable discussion.

It seemed churlish to point out I had given away 3 “How No?’ badges at the very swally we were at.

Got a feeling that the mavericks and wild eyed dreamers will not be consulting the style guide as they design their badges, work their words or scribble their art on web or woad. I may be wrong but this referendum thing seems to have ignited some community energy and , to quote the Good Book out of context,

“your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

Love it.