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Bank Holiday Special Podcast

Whilst the rest of the country enjoys the May Bank Holiday, we are hard at work tackling the issues. Lesley thinks David Cameron should try a ‘zero hours’ contract.

The whole issue of land reform bubbles up again with news about the Coop sale  and a hard hitting Scotsman column from Lesley.  We discuss the question; land reform and a referendum campaign – how do they fit together?

We also discuss Fintry’s FRESh community awards and the Big Ref Debate… ideas and lessons from both, it would seem. As ever, to watch for updates and breaking news on the topics in this podcast please follow @lesleyriddoch on Twitter - it's very enjoyable and informative.

FRESh and funky

The hall in preparation mode

Just back from a weekend at Fintry and the FRESh show. It's a two day meeting, discussion pod, awards ceremony and renewable technology show. I always find these type of gatherings interesting for a number of reasons. Because it's community based, you meet participants and audience in a more intimate setting. You have time to talk to and learnt so much from smart people because you have time and the right setting. My account for the weekend was; met 6 very bright people who kicked my thinking about, preordered a great book from some smart young men at Lateral North and reacquainted myself with the chocolate bliss that is Rainbow Organics Chocolates. And the other inspiring reason is how it all starts. Like the photo above. Someone comes into an indoor bowling rink and puts some hardboard down. Someone puts a box of promotional literature down and starts to set out chairs. Gradually piece by piece, it grows.


Werner Frohwitter of Feldheim being interviewed. 

There was another impressive aspect to the whole show. Through the good offices of Fife College and Pat Joyce; there was a set of young journalists covering the whole of the Friday sessions in video, blogs and other online media. The most encouraging aspect of this exercise was the feedback from those they interviewed. “Very professional “, “good questions” and “best press I have dealt with” were some of the comments. It was great to see both a community group willing to invite young people in and also the college for stepping up to support its students. Other community groups, take note. It's a good idea.