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Team Saltire on a site visit

After a week rowing at the St Ayles Skiffs World Championship, great fun ( we came in the middle ) ; it's back to work.

I am working with the Saltire Society on a short multi media presentation about this year's Housing Design Awards. This has involved travelling in the company of the award judges, around Scotland, looking at and photographing some interesting projects which have been short listed for this award. I have also been recording clients and architects to provide an audio track. It has been a real education for me. In a previous incarnation, I was the project manager for the Royal Bank's retail redesign back in the early 1990s during the Project Columbus days. So, to spend a couple of days with really bright people looking at homes was fascinating. It was a very positive experience to see creativity reflected in home owners wanting good design and architects stepping up to meet the challenge. So, in the sweltering heat, I am patching together photos, audio and music into something which can represent the calibre of those short listed.