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The End of Term Podcast

As we come up to the Scottish Parliament's summer recess, a lot has happened in the last week or so. Two important members of their respective communities have died; Lesley talks about both Allan Macrae and Tommy Riley.

The Big Noise is going to Govanhill and Alex Salmond isn’t going to Muirfield. It’s been one year of ‘Better Together’ and Lesley has a new catchy slogan for both campaigns.

Finally, we have both seen some amazing homes as a part of the Saltire Society Housing Design Award road trip.


Question Time, 'Outed' and Eigg

It seems everyone spotted @lesleyriddoch on last week’s ‘Question Time’. It was a lively programme for a number of reasons as Lesley will explain. There was a fair amount of ‘background’ to the line up. There were also a number of audiences.

And, it’s finally happened. Or did it. Lesley came off the fence. Should we expect to see her joining the ‘Yes’ Campaign any time soon? It would appear not, if you listened carefully to what she said and wrote.

Equally, a 40 minute journey to Eigg turns into an adventure and an opportunity for new discoveries. Late for a ferry but in time for a rib and a birthday – the current status of Eigg is an encouraging one.


Derry Kirkcaldy and Snowden

Derry/Londonderry is the UK’s City of Culture this year, Lesley paid a visit and wrote about the change which the city is enjoying. The Kirkcaldy Galleries have hosted a series of events as they re-open after renovation; we talk about what happens when celebrity Fifers  meet in the guise of Ian Rankin and Jack Vettriano. And finally, in this week’s @lesleyriddoch podcast, the US and UK have been snooping and Edward Snowden wants you to know all about it. The pod team remain divided.

Book Brunch at Kirkcaldy Galleries


LR, Heather Stuart, Pete Sim, Chae Strathie

Sunday morning at the new Kirkcaldy Galleries and a discussion about books. On the panel were; Heather Stuart CEO of Fife Cultural Trust, Pete Sim Manager of Waterstones Kirkcaldy and Chae Strathie Sunday Post editor and children's author. @lesleyriddoch asked each for their one book for the mythical desert island and got some surprising choices. Chae opted for 'Complicity' by the late Iain Banks. Heather chose 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven' by Mitch Albom. Pete chose 'A Time of Gifts' by Patrick Leigh Fermor. Each was a passionate advocate for their book and did so without reference to the usual book festival cliches; "heroic catharsis unbounded by the writer's imagination..." "ethos driven ennui in a panoply of allegory" and so on. Really enjoyed the range of choices and the straightforward enthusiasm. 


As you would expect from a discussion in front of an audience on a Sunday morning with coffee and croissants; there were questions and comments. How do we get boys to read? Is reading comparable to a religious experience - discuss. Actually, either would make a great topic for a follow on brunch. I would love to see what choices a panel could come up  with to entice a teenage boy to read a real book; graphic novels being excluded.


My general sense was this is a good venue for this sort of event. The new complex is light and modern. The library experience is no longer 'ssssshhh'.

Ian and Jack and Lesley

Photo:Walter Neilson

Went along with @lesleyriddoch to an event at the Adam Smith Global Foundation in Kirkcaldy to see Ian Rankin and Jack Vettriano being interviewed by @lesleyriddoch herself. In front of a packed audience, the Fife pair were steered towards stories, opinions and revelations. Ian Rankin revealed that he spent his vast fortune on clothes. Jack Vettriano recalled his father's advice on his early ambitions; "You're not ready to be a film star, get your apprenticeship first."

There were questions from the audience. My favourite was , "Can I take a photograph?"

As an event in a series which celebrated the re-opening of the re-vamped Kirkcaldy Galleries, it was funny, affectionate and entertaining. Fife, ken.