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Book Brunch at Kirkcaldy Galleries

Ian and Jack and Lesley

Photo:Walter Neilson

Went along with @lesleyriddoch to an event at the Adam Smith Global Foundation in Kirkcaldy to see Ian Rankin and Jack Vettriano being interviewed by @lesleyriddoch herself. In front of a packed audience, the Fife pair were steered towards stories, opinions and revelations. Ian Rankin revealed that he spent his vast fortune on clothes. Jack Vettriano recalled his father's advice on his early ambitions; "You're not ready to be a film star, get your apprenticeship first."

There were questions from the audience. My favourite was , "Can I take a photograph?"

As an event in a series which celebrated the re-opening of the re-vamped Kirkcaldy Galleries, it was funny, affectionate and entertaining. Fife, ken.


Alan McWilliam

Well it might have been funny, affectionate and entertaining if you could hear what was being said. From where I sat I got maybe 30% of it on average - with Vettriano at 10% (because he mumbles into his chest) and the others at 40% or so. In fact I think I am being pretty generous with these numbers! The problem was entirely down to a poor audio system. And judging by the comments I heard afterwards, I was not alone in this view. Shame, it could have been good!

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