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COSLA, Bedroom Tax, the Clash of Titans and Comrie Conversations

Lesley chaired sessions at the 2013 COSLA  Conference in St Andrews. She reports back from a conference where the architect of the ‘Bedroom Tax’, Lord Freud delivered a presentation. It was a tense session as Lesley recounts.  Lesley later chaired a session where Nicola Sturgeon ‘debated’ with Alistair Darling.  She also outlines some of the protocols which surrounded this ‘first’ clash of the ‘Leaders’ of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Shades of ‘Kennedy and Nixon’.  However, Lesley does gives a broader perspective to a number of the ‘community’ related initiatives that Local Authorities are facing up to.

Finally, Lesley and Andy Wightman were invited to take part in a ‘Comrie Conversation’; a community which came together to talk about ‘independence’ at the grassroots. You’ll be surprised at the links in topics between COSLA and Comrie.

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