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More Borgen, Bedroom Tax and Resignations

This week’s @lesleyriddoch podcast is the one where we mention Borgen for the last time, for a while or at least until series 3 starts.  We all went along to see Sidse Babett Knudsen at the Filmhouse on Sunday  after the Monday Scotsman column had been filed.  It was a fascinating Q&A session. But what does it mean?

Equally, after an interesting TV discussion about ‘Bedroom Tax’;  we ponder what the Scottish Government could do ; especially in the light of Mike Dailly’s petition. Just when you might think this is new ‘news’;  Lesley recalls a ‘Comment Is Free’ piece ; “How will social housing survive Tory cuts?”  from June 2010. The CIH Scotland document Chris refers to is "Preparing for the Bedroom Tax and Beyond" - technical but still readable. This issue will run and run...we may return to it.

Finally, notwithstanding twists, turns and texts,  there’s been a resignation. Really. It’s all go this week.


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