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Trident and then some other cheery topics

This week's podcast tries to make sense of the latest signals about Trident and then  takes a sideways look at Burns Suppers. It then touches briefly on the Byre Theatre and offers some thoughts on the Celtic Connections celebration of Michael Marra.  We try to remain upbeat and facing forward with a confident half smile playing around our collective lips. And not just for this week.


Just Iceland this week in the @Lesleyriddoch podcast

Lesley spent some time in Reykjavik getting out and about seeing and meeting people. As ever, everyone here has an opinion to what is going in Iceland. And Icelanders have opinions they were happy to share. This is a short podcast which reflects some of those opinions touching on the arts, the bankers and their Oscar entry.

There will be a longer multimedia slide show with the thoughts of our travellers within the next week. Watch out for the Reykjavik Rap.



'Bumble-bee’ economy flies again


They like T-shirts in snow-covered Iceland. Five years ago, when Prime Minister Gordon Brown placed the world’s most peaceful country on the UK Terrorism Register, “Brown is the colour of poo” quickly became popular.

In 2010 when world travel was halted thanks to volcanic eruption, “Oops Iceland did it again,” was followed by, “What part of Eyjafjallajokull don’t you understand” and the uncompromising “We may not have cash but we have ash.”

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The first @lesleyriddoch Podcast of 2013 ...very Borgen

This week's podcast, the first of 2013, finds Lesley explaining the attraction of 'Borgen'.It's a surprise hit from Denmark that doesn't rely on grisly murders and car chases to capture the attention of its audience. Chris seems to be waiting until the Jackie Chan cameo before he jumps in.

Equally, as MSPs are set to review how to reduce the high rate of teenage pregnancy; the topic is a continuing source of concern. The numbers are not reassuring.

And then there is the economy and this is the part of the Podcast where... it all gets, well, ...spirited.

The Lesley Riddoch Podcast is back ...between rants and opinions, it promises to be an interesting 2013!