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A Sideways Look at 2012

It is the last podcast of the year and we are struggling to get everything in it. Topics touched upon include; the Creative Scotland  implosion, the Olympics, the 'Donald', the economy and obviously the latest phase of the independence debate.

It is also important to say in a seasonal spirit of giving; there are lots of interesting Lesley Riddoch programmes, interviews, curios and podcasts to be found over at the iTunes store. You can even subscribe free here and get this 'weekly' podcast delivered to you directly.

Thanks again for all the support in 2012 and all the best for 2013!


Awkward heroes scoop the plaudits


Will 2012 go down as the Year of People’s Heroes? In recent weeks a filmmaker from Bury, a householder from Menie and a cyclist from Kilburn have all been crowned public champions for exercising principle, demonstrating personality and resisting the blandishments of the Establishment. Never mind the Three Wise Men. In the midst of austerity and depression Three Thrawn Men have given us all fresh hope.

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Newtown, Barroso and You English?

It is a difficult Lesley Riddoch Podcast this week. After the tragic events in Connecticut, everyone has an unique take on the underlying causes and the consequent 'fixes'. Surprisingly enough, Michael Moore, amongst others,  has not been slow or shy in coming forward. After heartfelt sympathy for the innocent victims and their loved ones, we are all struggling with the need to do 'something' .

Equally, the 'Barroso effect' is still rumbling along in the Scotland-EU debate- is it really one opinion or something else? And finally, Alasdair Gray seems to have touched a very raw nerve with both Scots and English. As ever, Lesley is unafraid to walk right up to the issues.