"Don't write about the job."
Newtown, Barroso and You English?

What can numbers ever mean?

I have been sat down number crunching. The web traffic to the Lesley Riddoch, Nordic Horizons and podcasts is always interesting to analyse. The simplest conclusion is good content finds its audience. For example, Nordic Horizon meetings' material have the biggest audience, just after the real meeting and then 6 weeks later. There are two peaks like the span towers of a bridge.

Equally, some themes resonate very strongly in our particular online posse; cycling is one. There is a very definite cycling community of interest out there. They share a lot. In comparison to the 'apostrophe people', who send private good natured emails to correct me as an errant blogger. And then, there are our American cousins, who listen a lot and are unfailingly pleasant when they get in touch.

In fact, if we were only in this for the numbers; I would be producing a weekly podcast called "Barack Obama's on a Bike". Something for everyone.


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