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Filming in Dundee

A while ago, I did a small piece about the Derby Rd 'multis' in Dundee. As ever, opinions were divided amongst the audience. "Ice boxes, best torn down." or "happy memories, you don't get communities like that anymore" were the type of things people said to me. It is strange how a set of high rise buildings can have such a wide range of reaction. And, it being Dundee, the opinions were offered with broad grins and a suitable amount of good humour.

But after a few months and a convoluted set of circumstances, I am working with some young film-makers on a community based film featuring, you guessed it, the multis. It is the sequel to an award winning film they made last year, "Our Multi Story" which was " a film charting the rebirth of community spirit in a Dundee neighbourhood."

My role is primarily to 'exec produce' the film. With a multi national film crew and a challenging set of 'actors', the biggest challenge is to develop the narrative, think through the script and plan the shooting. So far, it's looking good.


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