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Bonus points for identifying the song, but the big news is Project Gandhi is being now presented on the big stage in the US of A by team members; Lynne and Lesley. I am so pleased for the team who have taken to 'social media' in their own individual ways. At first, the news was a pleasant surprise; the equivalent of hearing about them entering the Tour de France and realising you had been there at the stabilisers and first tentative attempts. The secret of their success probably comes down to a supported team work environment and playfulness.

The support framework was vital and very informal. When the initial individual steps into social media began, it became clear everyone ‘got’ different elements of this new world in their own way. It meant lots of sharing, talking and comparing. There was an element of collective learning.

Equally, the playful aspect manifested itself in the ‘let’s try it, anyway’ attitude. I suspect, with a background of rigid NHS IT systems; this was both difficult and liberating at the same time. We had hacks, inappropriate followers and Twitter suspension; without major meltdowns.

Did I like the project, the people and the challenge? Would I work with them again? In a heartbeat; ‘yes’ to both questions.

The graphic of the project created by a gifted designer is a good representation of the whole Project Gandhi experience – you can click it to see it full size as Fraser ( thanks ) intended.

It’s been a real pleasure – so proud to be involved – knock’em over in Boston, Lynne and Lesley.

Finally, it’s Elton John, ‘Holiday Inn’ from ‘Madman across the Water’.


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