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"I just don't get social media"

Was her simple claim. We had been talking at a reception and exchanged the usual "and what do you do ?".  My portfolio of assignments was  confusing to her. I can understand that it is tough because if you don't experience social media firsthand then its value is questionable. For me, Facebook is the glue for the Nordic Horizons think tank. The Lesley Riddoch Podcast is pumped worldwide by Libsyn and iTunes to a grateful audience. Twitter is the most up to the minute source of news and excellent moderated comment. Blogs introduce me to new insights, thinking and opinion about a range of topics. It would be tough for me to imagine a world where I didn't have this level of interaction now. The vast majority of this interaction is digitally based and biased. 

But here is the question reframed;  'I don't see how social media is relevant to me'. I think that is the key; relevance.

An aside, I get bombarded by the SEO jargon factory, social hype machine - "manage the klout density of your demographics in real time dwell bounces". My response is the same as my friend - "I don't get it".

However, if you are able to demonstrate relevance; like  "writing a blog will get you more customers", "being on Twitter will open up new networking opportunities", then I think you are on a path towards a solution and some understanding.