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The community over at Fintry Stirlingshire, are amazing. They have been pioneers in lots of different aspects of community energy projects. You can ask them about wind turbines, insulation, air source, ground source heat pumps and the list seems to go on forever. They have secured some funding from the Climate Change Fund to press ahead with some carbon reduction projects with ambitious targets; like reducing by 80% within the community. Only 80% - easy eh?

They are also establishing a Centre for Low Carbon Excellence and I was pleased when Kelly McIntyre and the team asked me over to meet the team. They are gearing up for how to capture the best practice of community engagement and how to share this expertise with a wider audience. I brought along a few ideas and they shared theirs. It is really tough to make the time to see the big picture and then be disciplined enough to work out what you can change or implement to make an action plan. But this team looks like they are going to be able to achieve the twin goals of making something happen in their own community and build a body of knowledge which they can share with other like minded communities.

But, here is the biggest insight. Instead of coming at the problem with half a solution; "We need to communicate more with social media",; the Fintry team are looking at what they want to achieve and picking the elements to support those aspirations. I am looking forward to working with these smart people.


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