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I recently had a hernia operation. In the preparation for this operation, I was surprised to find very little information online from a patient's perspective. Naturally enough, I blogged about my own experience. It's not earth shattering and there are no major revelations; it's painful in places, most health care professionals are helpful and, the NHS being the NHS, there is lots of paperwork. No surprises. However, if I was managing this type of service, I would be interested to see the obvious areas for improvement. Equally, I would be tempted to look at building on the strengths of the service. This is 3000 words plus of customer feedback.

For me, it served two purposes. The first was my on going mission to pass on experience, capture and transfer 'knowledge'. The second, the personal initiative, was to provide the displacement to counter some unavoidable downtime. Instead of sitting back waiting for pain killers to kick in, I was writing away like a man with a mission. It helped.

It's just some scribblings from the front line and if only one person gets something from them, I will be happy to have done it.