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Twitter and augmented reality

I am just starting to get it. As the floods of information come pouring over the digital ramparts, we need tools to prioritise, discriminate and just plain manage the deluge. Remember, back in the day, the proud boast was "300 emails today ", sigh. There was a dream of the 'zero inbox'. Well, today with Twitter is different. If you succumb,even for a second, to the thought Twitter is some hybrid form of email; you are lost , destined to drown. Enough of the warning baloney. 

Tools are arriving in short order to assist...Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and so on. But there is one I really like; Thirst. It is a great App and go check it out. It's like Flipboard for Twitter. Thirst is a start.

I suspect the future is going to be more augmented reality. The Muppets and plasters are a good example - view the video and note a couple of things. The users get it ( without RTFM ) and enjoy the two "realities" ( reality and virtual 3D ). My guess is when they are old enough to enjoy the pleasures of Twitter, their portal into that world is not just a keyboard and mouse.


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