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A conference from your desk.

Virtual Summit
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Cool conference title; "Virtual Summit 2012". Loved the idea of the 'create your own avatar now' and the 'Venue;Your Desk'.  But what really impressed me was the idea security experts, cyber threat specialists and other top industry features were going to meet 'online'. This must be one of the most gold plated endorsements of an emerging technology any company could hope for; like mechanics driving your car or chefs eating in your restaurant.

Having slogged around enough industry shows and exhibitions in my time, this seems like an interesting new development. All the value of the keynotes and interactions without the lugging luggage, standing in line for tepid coffee, fighting to get a decent seat at the session(s)...and so on. Great to see Haymarket thinking ahead of the curve. Book here.


pigeon hole

One element makes it a little difficult to operate from the field, however, and that’s the conference call. As technology has enabled businesses to save money and time on travel costs, an increasing number of meetings are being held via telephone and web conferencing sites. Dialing into calls via smartphone is always an option, but dialing long conference call numbers with passcodes can be grueling on tiny smartphone keyboards, risking the odds of a misdial. Once you do get connected, you may somehow lose connectivity, which can be embarrassing, especially if your conference call is with a client.

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