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The last post...of the year

Well, the end of the year is in view and all that remains for me is to say "thanks very much".

Between the bike rides, the craic, and the great people I have met this year in the course of working; it's been fun all the way.

Times are tough for lots of people. Yet I have a sense we are all going to be looking back at these times with a special affection. And it's the people, their smiles, jokes and the shared hope,  we are going to remember, rather than the things we couldn't buy or afford.

I have been fortunate enough to meet.  Wild eyed optmists, determined to change their world and this world. Quiet determined types, who are working away at schemes to energise communities. Creative mavens, dreaming of a new way to see, well, just everything.

Thanks to you all. You've made the difference for me this year.