Photos from the 'On Thin Ice' panel discussion.
Snipers and Development Trusts

Communities on the move


I have been spending a bit of time working away with local communities. I am just about to film the story of apple pressing with Polly, a local mine of information about pressing fruit, juicing and making cider. However, I have been really fortunate to meet a lot of enthusiastic people doing fantastic things in their communities. The picture here is from the Innertube Map project. It is about cycling, cycle paths and a lot more. I got introduced to the project by Mrs Smith a while back. But at a recent Edinbuzz meetup, I met Tom Allan who was keen to lighten my darkness. I meet a number of other people who sparked off an idea. So, here's the deal; I am going to try and interview some of the more interesting characters I meet in the course of work, leisure and just being generally about. I will then post them as podcasts here on this site. I have a few in watch this space.


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