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Warning! Superinjunction alert. And a plea.

In this week's podcast, Lesley is very cautious as she reveals nothing more than her opinions about superinjunctions and the folly therein. She also talks through some of the issues behind her Scotsman column about rape. This is an adult theme and you may not want to play this in the car on the school run. The topic is treated seriously, sensitively but there are some hard truths which may sit better with a mature audience. Finally, the Windsor family went to Ireland.

I wanted to post this podcast for a couple of very specific purposes. Firstly, it was recorded after Lesley wrote a very challenging Scotsman column about 'rape'. In the podcast, we discuss some of the issues and I think it is good for men to hear and understand what women feel and think about rape. Secondly, it is an adult discussion where hard truths are articulated without prurient connations or sensational hyperbole. We need to have these types of interaction around a whole series of topics in our society. I like being a part of the process that can bring these discussions on.

The football season is over...well nearly.

After the recent football 'troubles', we get stuck into football for the final time ( this season ). Lesley also sent some time being interviewed by the TV and has a tale or two to tell. So, if it's opinionated craic you're after then you've come to the right place. Oh, and it's an Eurovision- free podcast as well.

Colonsay Rap ... the easy way to see Colonsay

Here's a a multi media piece I did about a recent trip to Colonsay. Part of the technical detail of doing 'travel documentary' is the sheer weight of kit you would need to carry. Here we just used a couple of DSLRs, an Edirol recorder and a lot of patience.Grabbing shots when you are essentially rough riding in a beautiful terrain is quite tough. I wanted the spontaneity for grabbing good shots first time, versus hours afterwards cropping. I am also open to comments, thoughts and opinion about the number of pictures you need to create a good narrated slideshow. The pictures change roughly every 6 seconds and this means 15 minutes requires about 150 photographs.I toyed with a picture every 4 seconds and the number obviously went up.Consider this, for a printed media feature, you might need 6 quality images; the task of the 'Rap' series starts to emerge. We are trying to give you the patient viewer interesting and visually engaging images. I could go on but it would sound like I'm moaning. That's not true. I love the challenge of bringing a landscape or town to life. It's an absolute joy that I hope we have managed to pass on.