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Coming up for air...

Just a quick update on things. Glasgow School of Sport have just reached over 17,851 views of the range of films I put together for them; including their most recent showcase their last two videos and be blown away by the young athletes ...brilliant.

I have been editing a film shot in Caithness, Edinburgh University and Strangford Lough, specifically for the EPSRC. It is due for release at the Science Fair next month.

The VideoPhysio shooting has been going fantastically well. I have had the great pleasure of meeting patients and NHS professionals and the rushes are terrific. The VideoPhysio youtube channel has been a bit of a revelation. I have had a series of emails from people around the world asking for more details and even a request for a personal consultation. I have the feeling we may be on to something, as they say.

The marine energy project; EquiMar is coming to a conclusion. I have fortunate enough to be involved in the online representation and all the filming that has accompanied this EC funded project. Like so many projects, it has been very satisfying to be involved with a range of international academics, device developers and commercial organisations. 

And  finally, there is a more regular "Lesley Riddoch Podcast" that has been trialling away in the background. The early numbers are in and it seems there is an audience who follow and are interested in the intelligent banter of an award winning journalist and commentator.

So, if it has seemed quiet here on the site; it's only because here at CSA , we have been busy.