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Oh, the contrasts but it's all the same

Yesterday I was filming with the Glasgow School of Sport. They were hosting a showcase event of the young athletes and had invited me to come along. I was there to help some of their roving reporters interview a number of local dignitaries; Nicola Sturgeon, the Lord Provost, the Chair and CEO of the Commonwealth Games, and a number of other VIPs. A couple of quick points. I stood behind the camera and the young adults, Natalie, Jock and Lee did their stuff, ably assisted by their assistants. They were superb; very calm and biddable. Equally, the interviewees were gracious and generous with their praise. Knowing what pressure both novice interviewer and experienced interviewee can encounter; I was impressed by both sides. It was a great day and the film will reflect that.

Second smile was with the folks from my film with the NHS. Specifically, the 'young at heart' folk who have invited me along to film a section about "Falls" at their exercise class. In our preparation for filming, I now know a little bit about 'chair based exercise' , glasses and footwear. But it is their playful nature, and the way things were explained, makes me think the film is going to be great.

So, on the surface; you would expect both groups to be quite different. Yet, it is their similarities that are remarkable. Confident, self aware, slightly playful and ready to laugh. Sometimes you meet people who make this no job at all; just a pleasure.