The "Runners and riders" fox coat podcast
Later this week but well worth it....

The "one election away from victory " podcast

This week's podcast features Gerry Hassan and John McTernan in a needle match.Listen to it and you'll be surprised to hear that Lesley was there at all.The subjects of the week were supposed to be the Labour Leadership hustings, the Savile Report and BP. However, the Labour Leadership kicked off a fast and furious analysis of the state of the Labour Party. John has been a special adviser for a number of Labour high flyers and naturally is positive in their defence. Gerry does not see things that way. Cue an interesting exchange.

We will shortly be going on holiday and there will a short break in the podcast schedule. It would be good to hear from you about subjects and contributors before we disappear. There are a variety of ways you can listen to this podcast, you can listen and subscribe here or iTunes or even listen by clicking the player below.  Feedback, as ever, is appreciated and we really do read every email and comment. It would be really great to get some iTunes ratings, so if you could do the needful; back at Feisty Central, we would be grateful - thanks!

Listen to the "one election away from victory" podcast.


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