The "Beardless Quest for the soul of Labour and Knees" Podcast
The "Brain Dead, dealmakers and the F word" podcast - listen here.

The 'Obviously intelligent' Podcast

Podpix1305 This week, Gerry Hassan and Kenny Farquharson join Lesley in the luxurious Scotsman Podcast studio to pick the LibDems over and cast an eye over the Labour Leadership runners and riders. There are some surprising names.

So naturally enough, the Feisty team is now loitering outside a betting shop with fiver to be put on the next Labour Leader. This podcast is a labour of love. So, it really means something when we say....There are a variety of ways you can listen to this podcast, you can listen and subscribe here or iTunes or even listen by clicking the player below. ( Don't email me or Lesley - leave a comment or a rating . )  Feedback, as ever, is appreciated and we really do read every email and comment. It would be really great to get some iTunes ratings, so if you could do the needful; back at Feisty Central, we would be grateful - thanks.

The _Obviously intelligent_ Podcast


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