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Podpix050510Michael Kelly, Joyce McMillan and Lesley met in the Scotsman pod just before the General Election. They have a very insightful ( in the light of events ) discussion about the state of the Labour Party. It is both prophetic and thoughtful.

 As the Feisty team is sitting in a sunny MacDonalds sucking "Caution Hot Beverage " coffee after a night following the election, this podcast is a labour of love. So it really means something when we say....There are a variety of ways you can listen to this podcast, you can listen and subscribe here or iTunes or even listen by clicking the player below. Feedback, as ever, is appreciated and we really do read every email and comment. It would be really great to get some iTunes ratings, so if you could do the needful; back at Feisty Central, we would be grateful - thanks.

Click and listen to this week's Scotsman Podcast.


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