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EquiMar Week

  Just back from a week in Hanstholm Denmark with the Equimar partners. It was a fantastic weather of filming WaveStar, and various people connected with this marine energy programme. A couple of interesting points came to light during the week. Firstly, the complexity of modelling is difficult to appreciate when you are trying to combine the physics of generating electricity and the engineering of a large metal construction. Too small a model and you can't measure the electrical takeoff. Too big and the expense of the physical construction is prohibitive. The second interesting point is co-location. It is illustrated by the picture. Given the number of off shore wind farms, there are a lot of advantages to consider siting marine devices alongside. Both types of devices could share the infrastructure of grid connection, maintenance and so on.

 However, there is one final observation. This is a pan European enterprise of academics, scientists and industrialists all working together. These are very bright people and there are a lot of them. It seems to me to be one of the better reasons for being "in Europe".


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