Stone me's Gene Hunt. Not really.
The podcast with "constitutional snogging" and the fans of "weak government".

Politics and personality

I have now watched a number of debates, sat in hustings and been involved in producing a variety of political podcasts and...I'm bored. The average candidate is not very good at presenting to groups. Most lack the ability to connect with a room full of people. There is an awful lot of fear in eyes. A heavy reliance on a certain style of oratory and a desperate need to stay on message kill what little chance,  a gifted individual might have to break this mould.

 And whose fault is it ? A cynical public is springloaded to heckle and deride all politicians, in fact or fantasy, as money grabbing insincere carpet baggers. So, who is going to be brave enough to want to jump in and have a go. I see a lot of people who want to try. The gap is that there is no-one is helping them hone the professional communication skills they are going to need. Party machines seem to select good party workers for candidates; not 'good with people' people. I think they are missing a trick. And we are being short changed.


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