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Rabbie joins Philosophy Football Squad.


"The honest heart that's free frae a' intended fraud or guile. However fortune kick the ba', Has ay some cause to smile." Robert Burns

Selected for the Philosophy Football T-shirt squad and just in time for Burns night, Robbie's poetic tribute to the benefits of fair play. Sir Alex's failure to abide by these Burnsite principles we blame squarely on his move south. Available from

I had to admit a wee smile when this was arrived in the auld email from Mark Perryman.

Happy New Year to everyone...the dust settles

Hogmanay resolutions

Well, I think I have stopped wishing everyone "Happy New Year" in person. In fact, it seems to be so long ago that Christmas and Hogmanay were on us.

This year has already started like a whirlwind for me. There are a series of videos being produced for the marine energy groups, a podcast project which starts in mid February and a software project which will be a very interesting product. It's a dream mixture of innovation and really bright people. To say I am excited is an understatement. More details as things unfold, I promise.