Our Christmas Greetings
Happy New Year to everyone...the dust settles

A Christmas Poem

My message with the Christmas Card read...

Hi there,

No movie this year, just a wee photo from Orkney. Just to say, it's been some year...from elite athletes, Bob Dylan, vikings, argumentative Quakers, more Gaelic music, marine energy and a global recession that touched everyone.

Our phasers are set to 'smile', we carry what we need and our caps are at a jaunty angle as we look forward to a new decade.

Take care, enjoy yourselves and engage!

Chris and Lesley

And back came this reply...

Hi Chris and Lesley,

 I echo your sentiment! 

And wish you great merriment

From athletes to the odd shuttler

At times I feel I'm a butler serving my customer 

Times have been tough but very rewarding 

Although I'm not that au fait with Bob Dylan's recordings 

Although I will look out my vinyl and check out the Smiths 

Amongst kin it will go some way to dispel that "miserable" myth 

I don't wear a cap although I am in recession! 

But I will join in on your jaunty procession 

Onto the new decade and fresh challenges I'm sure 

So good luck Merry Christmas to you and your's!

Jim C


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