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A timely reminder

Equimar_logo_152 This week, the management team of this project are in Brussels reviewing progress with the European Community. Working with the Feisty team and other members of the EquiMar partners, I put together the website and their YouTube Channel. Part of the review was to judge the effectiveness of this media in 'public dissemination'.

So, as you can imagine, I spent some time poring over the numbers. I can't reveal the specifics but there is clear evidence to show regular interesting content builds an audience. Nothing startling there, I guess. However, there were some other interesting points. The one I would like to highlight is 'less is more'. The most watched video is the shortest and the second is the longest. The common thread is the content - both interesting and important at appropriate length.

A quick update...

It has been so busy around here, I have forgotten to update thing. So, here's a start; the Glasgow School of Sport opened an exhibition of their athletes and work over Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It runs until early November and the podcasts are all up on a big screen and look fabulous. So, check it all out.

Sandy Campbell sent me an email from the global headquarters of Working Rite last week with this good news. ..." Yesterday at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester David (Lord) Freud - the Tory spearheading their Get Britain Working policy, said from the main platform - "Inspired by the successful Working Rite model, we will match up 100,000 young people with sole traders for a 6 months work experience. Your first boss - one of the most influential people in so many of our lives. We are calling on sole traders to seize this opportunity. We will strip away the bureaucracy and let them teach the youngsters. It's a win for them; a win for the teenager, and a win for society"

David Willetts (Shadow Skills secretary) also mentioned our methodology with phrases like: "passing on skills to the next generation with a youngster being helped by an older guy who has mastered the skills. This isn't about paper qualifications".

So a Scottish idea could well be scaled up across the border - that is IF they form the next UK government.

Strange times we live in when the English Tories are the ones who understand this approach best."

Sandy is right and what I am learning is that there are more prospects on the road south. Watch this space.