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Just out of an interview with Fin Wycherley (she's very good ) at Leith FM, a community radio station in, er.. Leith. I knew it was a community radio station because there was more carpet on the walls than the floor. Family connections and other good things like Sandy Campbell's Working Rite keep me very favourably disposed towards Edinburgh's feisty neighbour.

Although, we talked about everything from podcasting to medja; I was struck by a couple of things. First, it's great to see enthusiasm. Secondly, we, the punters, need to support these volunteers. If I had a penny for everyone who moans about the relative poverty of the Scottish newspapers but doesn't buy one. Or the folk who got all misty eyed about Woolies but never shopped there. Well, here's the deal. You want vibrant communities, you want neighbourhoods of people you know and the wee corner shops. Then it's simple. Do your thing. Support local....fill in your own blank.

How hard could that be? In the words of Tom Peters; 'engage'.

1 2 1 marketing is coming back.

Well actually, it isn't. For a variety of good reasons, this 90s phenomena isn't going to rejoin the lexicon of marketing jargon. That's great, because things have moved on. We are now convinced 'communities of interest' and social media will be the way to go. And, in 3 years time, there will be another new 'next best thing'. Another way of heading the target market with the appropriate dynamite method of releasing value.

The secret is to accept the inevitability of evolution, embrace the new and let go of the old. My advice; 'constant change is here to stay.'