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Current projects coming to an end...


It's been quite a year so far and things have quietened down. Some contracts have come to an end and others are changing. Blairgowrie High School has come to the last podcast and it was great fun to see a bunch of confident young people holding the recorders. Glasgow Caledonian University is slowing down for the summer and very pleased with a whole slew of excellent students and support staff talking up a storm.

On a less happy note, Riddoch Questions on BBC Radio Scotland is coming to an end and I have really enjoyed the challenge of working with that team. The blogs and podcasts have always been interesting and the audience always seemed to appreciate all of our efforts. But, as one door closes, another one opens.

I have been talking to a whole series of new potential clients for all sorts of things; from scripts to films. As you can see from the photograph, I've made the big investment in the florid writer's shirt.