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More Creative Dundee

Front Cover Some new podcasts went up at Creative Dundee - it's always a pleasure to meet enthusiastic creative people and there you have three good examples. Their new book promises to be a great read. The previous volume "Roots" lasted in the house for a week before I gave it away. I ended up buying 5 copies and pressing it into the hands of friends and family - it was that good.

Equally, it's good to know Esther Read is out there stirring writers up and pushing into print. Living with a published author, I can appreciate  the value of a calm encouraging voice in the creative process and Esther does wonders. Chalk another one up for Dundee.

Human rights and personal video

This was an interesting piece I picked up via Digg. It strikes me that considered use of video with purpose and intent is the future. Having seen so many fads, think about CB radio and chatrooms; adoption is poised between novelty and sustaining usefulness. Are YouTube and handheld video moving away from dogs on roller skates towards something more relevant long term ? Difficult to say and an added factor is the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. It's high production values and scale makes me wonder whether 400 x 264 pixels could do the justice to the audio and visual treat that Moscow provided. Tacky content but amazing staging. So the question in my mind is how do you select and shoot in the right scale with the right subject matter? We are not there but the journey has started.

Perils of new media

Interesting to note the recent Gordon Brown YouTube experience has yielded a couple of points. First, the camera doesn't love everyone. Second point is that serious stuff may get thousands of hits but less serious ( aka nose picking ) gets hundreds of thousands. Plan accordingly.