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Is the world ready for more TV...and less news

Last weekend I turned on the TV at midnight and heard the dreadful news about the shootings in Northern Ireland. Having spent some time in Belfast a couple weeks ago, I could fully understand the impact these events would have. Interestingly enough even then, our friends had been full of dark warnings about the possible escalation of violence and attacks. My surprise was this. The events took place around 9.40pm about 16 miles away from Belfast. The news coverage I was watching two hours later was still studio bound 'Breaking News". There was no coverage from the location. Not on BBC nor Sky News. The explanation from a media insider on Monday; "Everyone had the night off". Very soon, I won't be able to buy a newspaper. Very soon, I will have more digital content available to download at a time that's convenient to me. But it seems already today - here and now, I have news services that take the weekend off or just aren't there until the news has become history. Colour me worried.


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