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AV piece on Tidal Power

As ever, it's nice to work with pros and this short piece is a good example. It's an interview with a technical marketeer and a journalist illustrated with images and some video. If you listen to the piece; the key points are the journalist asks simple questions and strays far into the audio picture to make their interaction interesting. On the other side, the marketeer, speaking in her second or third language,tells us a story. The accompanying graphics are meant to supplement not overwhelm. I liked working on it.

A personal favourite

This is a brilliant video which demonstrates a very simple principle; 'talent will out'. Working with clients where we agonise over inconsequential details is usually a good sign that creativity is scarce. In the case of this video, it's a case of good content; quirky lyrics, pleasant music and an engaging graphics parade, that makes this so smile inducing. Sure, there are a couple of edits and transitions I personally wouldn't have made but it's great piece. And, if at the end, you are asking yourself; "hmmm...I wonder whether they should have shot it in Hi Def ?". Well, push your seat back and get your feet on the pavie for some fresh air and recharge the humour cells.

Award winning at last !

Couple of excellent results ...Blairgowrie High School Podcast Club got shortlisted and were runners up at the Annual Spirit of Youth Awards in Perth on Friday. I think the correct young people's expression, at the moment, is "Whoop, whoop!". Top group of young people and led by Mrs Pieroni who is a class act -  I am delighted to be involved.

Second piece of good news - Dundee Contemporary Arts was 10 years old on Saturday and I did a Q&A with Clive Gillman. Everyone said they enjoyed it and Clive was on good form. He is one of the few people I know who says 'world class ambition' and really means it. My wife tells me it was a good gig and some pretty fundamental issues were put on the table - more photographic exhibitions, more cinema discussions  and the 'V and A' as neighbours. Great fun and I wait to see the video.

10 years of the DCA ...this Saturday with Clive Gillman

Really pleased to have been asked to chair a Q&A with Clive Gillman the Supremo and DCA Director at the Dundee Contemporary Arts this coming Saturday on their Open Day at 14.00 in Cinema 1.  When I was asked; apart from the obvious - why me; the questions started to form an orderly queue. The DCA is a fabulous place for so many reasons and Clive has certainly been one of the forces that ensures the place stays so fresh. So - come along and let's see if we can get Clive to explain some of the magic.

Is the world ready for more TV...and less news

Last weekend I turned on the TV at midnight and heard the dreadful news about the shootings in Northern Ireland. Having spent some time in Belfast a couple weeks ago, I could fully understand the impact these events would have. Interestingly enough even then, our friends had been full of dark warnings about the possible escalation of violence and attacks. My surprise was this. The events took place around 9.40pm about 16 miles away from Belfast. The news coverage I was watching two hours later was still studio bound 'Breaking News". There was no coverage from the location. Not on BBC nor Sky News. The explanation from a media insider on Monday; "Everyone had the night off". Very soon, I won't be able to buy a newspaper. Very soon, I will have more digital content available to download at a time that's convenient to me. But it seems already today - here and now, I have news services that take the weekend off or just aren't there until the news has become history. Colour me worried.

The Creative Loop and Trevor Dann

Interesting presentation by Trevor Dann at a Creative Loop event organised by my pal John Collins. Basic premise. Content providers good, on demand more of and pace unrelenting. Radio is the only medium with the problem of content and distribution hidden in name - film+cinemas, books+library. Thought provoking pitch and appreciated by the young audience.