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3 am in the Saltire Centre

SaltireThis is what 3 am in the Saltire Centre looks like. I have been prowling around trying to get a picture of what a 24/7 library looks like. The answer is 'not very busy'. To be fair, Mohammed Yunus would have been here hours ago on the ground floor. Hence the lack of comfy sofas and desks. On level 1 through to 4; there were a smattering of students. The craic was good and everyone figured that Thursday night would be the busiest; " it's the hand in ". The night before a lot of course work has to be handed in. Lots of interesting comments and I met a couple of nursing students who had some great advice which we will be recording later this week.

Equally, I have got interviews booked with a number of key people. But there is one group I want to get hold of ; 1st year students. Help ! I need to find some vocally gifted ( talkative ) students who can talk about the exams coming towards them. If you are reading this - get in touch.