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Things you do...

FinlandIt has been quiet on the web site, only because I have been sooooo busy. As you can see, I have been recording rain drops in Finland. Why go to Finland in wettest summer we have had in years ? Lesley Riddoch is writing a series of articles for the Herald, including blogs and a podcast or two, about cycling through Finland and Aland. I won't steal her thunder but it was an amazing trip and Lesley was superb in uncovering the most amazing people.
In the midst of all of this, I am working through a number of proposals to record 'podcasts with a purpose'. These range from universities, a couple of major corporate clients and a number of forward thinking public sector groups. Excellent mobile and internet access throughout all Finland and Aland meant I didn't miss a beat.

Habitat for Humanity

Logo2'Leave your comfortable office. Travel to Africa. Work on a construction site and build a house.' A simple challenge which 15 Scots met in May. I caught up with Grant Ager from the Fairfield Housing Association and Alan Hobbet of the Dunfermline Building Society and asked them about their visit.
Bearing in mind, these are both experienced business people; I expected a low key response. However, as you will hear, the trip was a real eye opener for both.

Download and listen to Grant and Alan