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Community groups and practical action

OrchardLike a lot of people, we have a garden. We have fruit trees and every year the Buddha gets clobbered by the falling apples. I would like to know a lot more about looking after the trees, pruning and what I can do with the avalanche of apples and plums we can reasonably expect annually. Having spoken to Ellen at Wecan ; she helpfully pointed me at a local group; the Newburgh Orchard Group. So I went along to meet the Chair Caroline Guthrie to find out more. Naturally, I took the trusty recorder along for you to hear the conversation.

Download and listen to Caroline Guthrie.

Simple images...powerful story

I came across a very impressive multimedia piece from Reuters which demonstrates everything that is excellent about "rich media". A slight health warning at this point, it is about the Iraq war and contains content which reflects the reality of war reportage and is best not viewed on a full stomach or before meals. Having said that; tight writing, clear editing and outstanding images make this piece so watchable.