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Project overload and the non-returned phone call

Communicate, communicate, communicate is the mantra for my clients. And I am sitting here feeling a bit red faced. My current project portfolio and sales funnel is getting bigger every day. A nice problem to have , you might say. It is. Being a freelance means chasing everything and communicating to a smaller pool of clients and prospects than the whole world. Hence, my blog gets ignored and that's a worry. To the casual visitor, this might imply non activity on my behalf. Well, actually, no, when you consider; I have been interviewing Russian gymnasts, planning community radio stations, recording school podcasts, programming an arts community of interest web site, writing proposals, doing photo shoots and editing for existing clients, writing more proposals and chasing down interview subjects for a new series of podcasts.

And the point of the non returned phone calls. Once upon a time, when someone failed to return a call, I used to view it negatively. Now, given where I am in terms of managing multiple ongoing projects, it's just their way of helping out. So, to everyone who owes me a call - thanks for your help. I appreciate your concern.


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