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The Director of Glasgow School of Sport gives me the background

AngelaporterAngela Porter, the Director of the Glasgow School of Sport gave me the background to the Malawi students visit. In this exclusive interview, she reveals the hard work and dedication that was required to make this exchange "an overnight success".

Click here to listen to this interview with Angela Porter

A visit from anyone is an opportunity to learn. I challenged Angela to sum up what she learnt from the Malawi students in 90 seconds or less.

Click here to hear how Angela did...she's got some surprising things to say.

Glasgow School of Sport

ScoolThere is nothing like meeting enthusiastic, young people and Glasgow School of Sport is full  of' them. But over the last couple of weeks,  6 students from  Malawi and 2 teachers came over to  train and  generally 'chill out' in Glasgow. The Evening Times  photograph  is proof. I did some interviews with some students and also got some time with Angela is my chat with three young women from Malawi.


Download malawi_students.mp3 or click below to play directly.