A great day out
Great programme gets launched.

Here is an example of what school podcasts can be...

Feb_production_team_2 Hi there. This month we have a new podcast for you. It has jokes, a spooky night in the LRC, an interview with a famous writer and a nurse. In the picture, the production crew smiles but can you spot the host and co-host, the interviewer (s), Cinderella, Spongebob, the person with the funny ringtone, Tracey Beaker, the teacher who thinks they are a radio star and Mrs. P ?

If that is too tough, you can always vote for your favourite joke from this month's podcast. Listen and laugh !

There's the point, these young students put this whole thing together. The wee piece about the LRC was a script with full stage/foley notes by a fourth year. The interviews were by the students grabbing opportunities and the jokes were all stolen. Given all the recording was done on Olympus digital hand held dictation recorders; the results are great.


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