A great day @ the DCA
Here is an example of what school podcasts can be...

A great day out


Everyone at the DCA on Saturday enjoyed watching the 'Hamish the Hamster' animation. In fact,  the oldest podcaster in the school  had a day out at the DCA...listen to what he got up to. He spoke to the lady who organised the screening, the film makers, the creative team and staff from Blairgowrie High School, the Chief Executive of the Council, the proud parents and friends. But the real star is still Hamish.

This was part of a programme set I did for the folks at Blairgowrie High School. The young students had made an animation as part of a Modern Language project. Two other schools in Perthshire, Breadalbane Academy and Perth High also took part. Joe Hall at the DCA organised a screening of all the participant film makers. I went along and managed to get interviews with Joe, Davy from MASS ( the film executive producers ) and Bernardette Malone, the Chief Executive of Perth and Kinross. The main idea of this podcast was to report on a very upbeat project.


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