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New Hands - Old Hands

Starting a business is tough and I am sitting through the birth pangs of 6 at the moment. There is a new radio series about to hit the airwaves on Sunday lunchtime on 17 February on BBC Radio Scotland. Presented by global business person/financial journalist, Lesley Campbell, this series of 6 will bring a struggling entrepreneur together with an experienced business person. New hands meets old hands. I am currently organising all of the web based material to support this exciting project. Reading the CVs, the business ideas and the snippets of the interviews; you have got to be impressed by the sheer guts and determination of both new hands and the old hands. It is going to be a great listen and my challenge is develop a web site/blog that will do it justice. Watch this space.

Just checking in...


Things started again abruptly. I am working with a friend of ours, Neil Nicholson on his web site ; . He is a young thatcher, no surprise there, and is trying go a little beyond the average "web site". He is a real character working in the Outer Hebrides. We are trying to see if a blog will let us convey some of the feel of the traditional craft and a sense of the place.

It is sometimes difficult to articulate the benefits of ICT or 'Web 2.0' or broadband to an audience just outside the mainstream. Pretty obvious why an accountant might want a web site but a professional trades person ?

However, I think it's simple; trust. If I can see the work you do, the projects you are involved with and the way you describe yourself; I can make some judgements about you. A blog beats a static print advert in a directory or a postcard in the local shop window. In a connected world; the plumber who masters Facebook may never look back. So, plumbers, please get in touch; I have a great deal for you.

In the meanwhile, if you want thatching or a turf roof; Neil's your man. From my experience, literally staying under his roof, the cottage was snug as a bug.