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Soap and clarity

SoapwashbarSomeone somewhere does call a bar of soap, a 'Wash Bar'. However, if you were stuck in a hotel bathroom and were looking for something to wash your hands with; I'm guessing you wouldn't call the front desk and ask for a 'Wash Bar'. One of the beauties of podcasting is we are dealing with people talking. Big generalisation coming, but most people try to keep things simple. 'Yes' is preferred to ' an affirmative position going forward' ( real example ).
As ever, the young students I am working with at Blairgowrie are good examplars of simple clear communication. Recently, a new Headteacher was appointed and our podcast posse got a chance to ask him some questions. The interview below gives a good example of simple clear questioning giving interesting answers. In fact, I wonder what Gordon Brown would do if faced with this line of questioning ?

Download rector_interview.mp3


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