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Soap and clarity

SoapwashbarSomeone somewhere does call a bar of soap, a 'Wash Bar'. However, if you were stuck in a hotel bathroom and were looking for something to wash your hands with; I'm guessing you wouldn't call the front desk and ask for a 'Wash Bar'. One of the beauties of podcasting is we are dealing with people talking. Big generalisation coming, but most people try to keep things simple. 'Yes' is preferred to ' an affirmative position going forward' ( real example ).
As ever, the young students I am working with at Blairgowrie are good examplars of simple clear communication. Recently, a new Headteacher was appointed and our podcast posse got a chance to ask him some questions. The interview below gives a good example of simple clear questioning giving interesting answers. In fact, I wonder what Gordon Brown would do if faced with this line of questioning ?

Download rector_interview.mp3

Working Rite goes from strength to strength

I was delighted to hear from Sandy Campbell at Working Rite that he is rushed off his feet. His project, working with young men and tradesmen, is an absolute solid gold good idea that has taken off. If you want to visit a website or hear a guy who is positively making a difference; then Sandy is your man.

Here is a brief interview I did with Sandy earlier this summer. Listen here.